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CITRUS WALLET: A Story of a Start Up

Citrus StartUp

Citrus StartUp

How Citrus Began:

Citrus Chairman Satyen Kothari desired that customers must make the price in a shorter time than it takes to dispose of money from the pockets. This made him think of venturing into on-line bills.

The seeds for Citrus have been sown in December 2010 while Satyen Kothari met with Jitendra Gupta, a former ICICI bank officer, at Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai over a cup of coffee. The duo straight away found out the possibility of working collectively however it took them around six months earlier than they agreed to work collectively on Citrus Pay. They started out the business enterprise 4 months later, in April 2011. Satyen Kothari, who had a historical past of strolling and selling start-ups, introduced inside the initial investment of Rs 16 lakh. They came collectively because both of them understood the troubles within the on-line price gateway and wanted to cope

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