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Delhivery – A Logistics Panacea

While all web based business supporting administrations like payment, promotion, innovation etc. have successfully pulled in funding consideration, logistics has not possessed the capacity to draw institutional financial capitalist’s advantage or funding, this has occurred till now in light of the fact that the web based business itself was dangling, yet now when the internet business has settled down their feet in the market like India, it is presently time to concentrate on logistics. To cater the need of the same many have attempted endeavours and Delhivery is one among them.

What is Delhivery

Delhivery is Gurugram based web based supply-chain solution, Delhivery, has figured out how to develop with full steam in spite of cash crunch and capital smash in the portion. The start-up began in 2011, unlike other supporting administrations for web based business; logistics has dependably been ignored, as we have not seen more than a few new companies evangelizing over the last five years; however Delhivery has considerably developed for more.

Begun in 2011 with five

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Practo – Connecting Patient and Doctor


In mid 2008, Shashank ND was wildly getting together his dad’s restorative records and filtering them. He needed to get a moment assessment from an American doctor, for an operation that his dad was going to attempt. In the event that is not sufficiently, he was additionally not able to get to enough data about the specialist, to settle on an educated choice before putting his dad’s life in the specialist’s hands. This occurrence encouraged Shashank and his cohort Abhinav Lal to set up Practo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The couple established the organization in Bengaluru, in 2008, when they were still understudies in their last year of building (B.Tech, PC designing) at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka Though various players have come into the practice administration space since Practo Ray started, Shashank trusts that Practo’s well sharpened sharp concentrate on item quality and support has empowered it to keep up an unfaltering lead. Practo had

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JustDial – Dailing a success Number by V.S.S. Mani

current situation

Current Situation

The organization gets a colossal number of more than 1.9 million approaches regular schedules. Other than this, number of online inquiries over the site was recorded to be 1125.7 million for the FY 12-13. The organization is developing step by step and has seen 1.16 million one of kind guests on regular routine adding to 7.22 million every day site hits. The organization has extended its administrations to Canada, USA, UK and UAE. Starting now, Justdial has recorded more than 3.4 million application downloads for its versatile stage.


How Justdial Established

V.S.S.Mani, the author of Justdial, in his underlying days was filling in as a businessperson in a yellow page organization, United Database India (UDI), which infused a strategy for success inside him to make a database like UDI which

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Ritesh Aggarwal – MasterKey of Oyo Rooms

Ritesh Aggarwal – MasterKey of Oyo Rooms

The high school boy– Ritesh Agarwal is the youthful founder and President of OYO Rooms – quickest developing marked system of inns disconnected and on the web.

With a present valuation of almost 360Cr, OYO rooms does nothing out of the crate except for gives explorers the coolest yet least expensive proficient, youthful, institutionalized rooms with no additional items appended to it!

Beginning of a Journey

Ritesh was destined to a business class family in Bissam Cuttack in Orissa and went to the Hallowed Heart School in Rayagada, Orissa.

Amid the growing up days in Rayagada, Odisha, it was about fun and learning for him however his ways were somewhat unpredictable from those of different children.

His fun components incorporating screwing around with the PC, and making a decent attempt to discover chances to commit errors, so he could learn new stuff. What’s more,

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Myntra – A Mantra For Your Fashion Need

Myntra – A Mantra For Your Fashion Need

Style is definitely schizophrenic; it does change from day to day a lot. It depends on one’s mood: sometimes it’s going through a girly, childlike stage and wears a pretty lace dress with a bow in one’s hair. Then sometimes one is moody and just wears black. Today everyone talks about fashion and style, sometime it seems like there is no world behind fashion; in some manner it is true though. Today people judge people by her dressing sense. By keeping that in mind a scholar from IIT- Kanpur come across with the idea of Myntra; a mantra for your fashion need.

What is Myntra

Myntra is one of India’s quickly developing web based business entrance with the emphasis on fashion and way of life. The organization has made a specialty in the region of internet shopping and an unobtrusive trust from individuals. Presently individuals search

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Freecharge – One Touch away from any kind of recharge

Freecharge – One Touch away from any kind of rechargeFreecharge was established in 2010 by Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon. Begun as an on the web and m-trade stage, it saw gigantic development throughout the years and brought $113M up in financing over different rounds, last of which was a $80M Arrangement C round in February 2015. In April 2015, Snapdeal procured FreeCharge, in the biggest ever M&A bargain in the Indian web history.

Inside five months of the obtaining (October 2015), FreeCharge propelled the FreeCharge wallet. FreeCharge cases to have an expected 10-seconds installment time and a 99% achievement rate. The organization brags of a 70% devotion rate and a use rate of more than five times each month, per client.

Not long ago Freecharge likewise reported a mix permitting their clients to utilize Whatsapp to send and get cash.

Govind joined Freecharge in August 2015 and was so far the Head Working

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Junglee – ‘Where you dig for the best price’


Online shopping is a buzz word now days, people prefer to shop online rather than hurting their feet and eating road side dust. There are many companies competing to propel their business by offering ample amount of offers and best prices, but still there is lag between the prices of various partners. This is true that the people prefer to shop online, but only when their pocket allow to them. If anyone is going to shop for a particular thing, the scenario is that the thing is available at almost all the shopping sites, but the main hurdle is to find out the best price for that thing, by keeping the thing in mind and to tackle with the problem, Amazon in February 2012 launched

 About Junglee is a web based shopping administration by Amazon which empowers clients to discover and find items from on the web and disconnected retailers

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CouponDunia – The King of all coupon Service providers

CouponDunia – The King of all coupon Service providers

Coupondunia is on top most couponic web page in India. It allows customers in sparing coins via specific coupons, gives, arrangements and rebates. Coupondunia offers coupons and arrangements to classifications going from buying, fooding to voyaging. Coupondunia offers preparations to high-quality purchasing. Its portable software sends stay preparations and rebates to its customers whilst they’re almost a store.

Sameer Parwani, the writer of Coupondunia, while looking for after his four 12 months certification in software program engineering from Cornell college, in 2003 constructed up a website named, an interpersonal interaction website online for the South Asian people institution dwelling inside the us, united kingdom and Canada. In spite of the fact that the company didn’t enhance itself as a business object, the organization picked up a giant machine of more than 3 lakhs enrolled clients.

As his review got finished, Sameer began CouponDunia from

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‘YepMe’ – Where Fashion Speaks


When fashion at its peak, everyone loves to look different with their clothes, many brands are competing to fulfill the need of people. There are ample onlines channels available, which offer variety of products with humungous offers to put something in buyer’s pocket, is one of its kind.

Yepme is a web based shopping organization headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It was built up in April 2011. The organization spends significant time in the web based retailing of men’s and ladies’ pieces of clothing and extras. In August 2011, the organization situated itself as a completely fledged private name form mark.

yepme logo

History and Making

Yepme  was the after effect of 3 graduated class of IIT and IIM – ‘Vivek Gaur’, ‘Anand Jadhav’ and ‘Sandeep Sharma’ in April 2013. In 2010,

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‘Nearbuy’ – A link to your saving

Nearbuy – A link to your saving

From social networking to e-commerce everything is going digital now a days, e-commerce as you know is the service of selling the goods online, with just a click. There are many companies in the country which are competing to grow their business in the wide Indian market. To achieve the goal of pulling the customer base, every organization is luring the consumers by providing various kind of offers, but for any consumer it’s a bit difficult to find that offer in the minimum time, to cope with these kind of problem an idea of providing all these details on a single platform named as ‘Groupon’ evolved in mind of American businessman and entrepreneur Andrew D. Mason.



Groupon is an American overall internet business commercial centre, associating a huge

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