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Amazon- Journey from Seattle, USA to Bangalore, India (Business in India by Jeff Bezos)

It would be no wrong if we tend to compare Amazon with another Amazon, the latter being the second largest stream of the world and initial in South America, it looks that Jeff Bezos the chairman and business executive of the biggest e-commerce came up with the idea of keeping the name of his company as Amazon by simply keeping in mind that just like the river Amazon (the biggest) he will take the corporate to largest possible heights and he has done that by spreading the business to almost 14 countries of 5 continents.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

 Jeff Bezos born on January 12, 1964 the founding father of the Amazon is an American, technologist, business person and capitalist. He has contended a vital role within the expansion of e-commerce by conveyance the enormous model in e-retailing. Graduated from Princeton in 1986, Bezos worked on Wall Street within the computer science field, when hands on several areas, he finally

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