Qnet – “An Abode to direct Selling”

Qnet – “An Abode to direct Selling”

Organize Marketing (otherwise called Direct Selling or Referral Marketing) is the most misjudged industry on planet earth. No industry is great or terrible; it’s the general population working in it that makes it great or awful. Also, lamentably there are rotten ones in each industry conveying awful name to the business when all is said in done. Qnet with its name in direct offering has done a great deal to get the new importance the space ‘Direct Selling’. It has changed the way individuals consider the business.

Evolution of Qnet

Evolution of Qnet

Qnet an entirely proprietor auxiliary of QI gathering was established in Hong Kong in 1998, by Vijay Eswaran. Qnet Limited, in the past as QuestNet, GoldQuest and QI Limited is an direct selling organization which has operations in 30 or more nations, arrangements in assortment of products including sustenance, individual care, home care, weight administration, vitality, extravagance merchandise and fashion accessories and so on online stage.

The organization at first made specially commissioned numismatic coins and later started offering extravagance ornaments and watches in 2006.

In 1999, Qnet extended its operations to Malaysia and Singapore and started an organization with B.H. Mayer’s mint – a German based mint coin office. In 2000, the giant was the official merchant of the Sydney Olympic Games commemorative coins and was additionally a distributor at the 2004, Athens Olympic diversions and in 2008, Beijing Olympic recreations.

In 2002, organization additionally announced that it was the official coin wholesaler for the 2002 FIFA Cup. Qnet later turned into the authorized wholesaler for FIFA in 89 nations with its commemorative coin program in July, 2004.

Vijay Eswaran – Face behind Qnet

Vijay Eswaran – Face behind Qnet

The man behind Qnet was conceived on seventh day of October 1960, is an entrepreneur situated in Malaysia, at present deployed as the chairman and executive of the QI group, which is headquartered in Hong Kong. Mr. Vijay with tremendous propensity for composing is an outstanding author too. He moved on from London school of economics and acquired a degree in social-economy in 1984. While remaining in Europe for a long time and doing some odd employments from driving taxi to plucking grapes, he was presents with the possibility of multilevel marketing, the thought then compelled him to get a professional qualification in MLM, which he got from CIMA in the UK, trailed by MBA from the southern Illinois University in 1996.

In 1998, after his arrival to Asia, he helped to establish a multilevel promoting organization that would in the end develop and venture into what is today the QI Group, an e-trade based aggregate with organizations in travel, media, broadcast communications, extravagance items, well being, preparing, and corporate speculations. The QI Group has territorial workplaces in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia and nearness in almost 10 nations through an extensive variety of backup companies’ corporate ventures.

‘Independent Representative’ model of Qnet

‘Independent Representative’ model of Qnet

In all the multilevel marketing associations the possibility of paired representations of clients work, yet this is not entirely complied, as on the off chance that one doesn’t have any referrer, he may buy the products of that specific association, and however this is not the situation with ‘Qnet‘. Notwithstanding asserting to be an e-trade based business, a common retail client can made a buy of an item from the site just in the event that he has a referrer ID of a representative of Qnet. Not at all like other e-business sites, are buys without ID not permitted.

The organization’s marketing technique takes after an immediate offering and multilevel marketing model, depending on autonomous agents to elude its items to buyers and get remuneration in view of the business volume of their referrals and the business volume of other free delegates in their groups who are arranged in a paired manner.

‘Martina Hingis’ – The star face for promoting Qnet

‘Martina Hingis’ – The star face for promoting Qnet

The Qnet addressed the subject of criticizers by selecting ‘Martina Hingis’ as its image diplomat, Martina who conceived on 30th day of September, 1980 is a Swiss notable tennis star, who is at present positioned world no. 2 player in tennis. She has won 5 grand slam titles since today; she was authoritatively acquainted with a huge number of joyous QNET individuals at the yearly V-Convention UAE 2015 held at the Hamdan Sports Complex in September, 2015.

As a brand representative, Martina assumed a main part in improving QNET’s image desire esteem through her ambassadorship in showing the brand, promotional activities and products. She has been wearing the QNET logo on her clothing amid all her tennis competitions and additionally underwriting different items promoted by QNET.

Qnet – Entry to Indian market

Qnet – Entry to Indian market

‘Qnet’ entered the Indian market in 2001 under the leadership of Vihaan direct selling Pvt. Ltd. a Hyderabad based company. Individuals in India favour obtaining the products of the Qnet from the opportune place and looking for that ideal place, the name of Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt. Ltd. leads the pack in each viewpoint. The organization has been controlled by the four distinct executives who are equipped for dealing with their clients in the most ideal way and their business methodologies have been much positive for the accomplishment of the organization.

Beforehand the matter of Qnet in India was worked by some other establishment; in any case, with the progression of time a few such issues occurred that the Qnet offered its business to be led by the Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt. Ltd. from that point forward the matter of Qnet in India has been running effectively. The outcomes being appeared under the name of Vihaan for the offers of the items have been noteworthy as a tremendous measure of benefits have been made creating a ton of benefit also.

The accomplishment of the organization totally relies on the executives of the organization as they have given their whole endeavours in this unique situation. The executives appear to be conceived business visionaries who are very much aware of the distinctive techniques as required by the business to prosper over the long haul and keeping this mind the business helped with a tremendous achievement rate.

Products by Qnet

Products by Qnet

Under the names GoldQuest and QuestNet, the organization fundamentally sold gold numismatic coins. Qnet extended its items to incorporate travel and recreation relaxes in 2002, by 2006, Qnet had transitioned to promoting and offering “optimistic items”, which claim to help vitality, well being and sustenance for buyers. According to Eswaran, these sorts of items record for 30% of Qnet’s deals through its business model. The organization has additionally presented – life-upgrading items, for example, a versatile water filtration framework and air purifier, which Qnet cases can alter contamination issues in homes.

One of the notable items of organization is the Amezcua Bio Disk .The Amezcua Bio Disk has been assessed by research offices in Germany, India and Japan. The item has gotten examination from different researchers, media reporters and guard dogs. Qnet claiming that the Bio Disk can “altogether enhance its beneficial outcome on the human body by reconsidering and mixing the imperatives of water”.


Acquisitions by Qnet

2005:  QI communications – A British telecom company

2006:  – Prana resorts and Spa – A vegetarian holiday resort in Koh Samui (Thailand)

– Cimier – A Swiss watchmaker

2007:   Down to earth (DTE) – A vegetarian organic health store chain in Hawaii

Sponsor by Qnet

RYTHM Foundation

RYTHM Foundation:  Affectionately alluded to as QI’s ‘corporate pulse’, RYTHM Foundation is a beneficent trust enrolled in Hong Kong, which serves as the empowering agent of the Group’s altruistic attempts and speaks to QI’s soul, empathy and devotion in serving the groups in which it works far and wide.

The Foundation understands its vision through 3 need ranges: Children named as Divayang or with special needs, Community Development and Community Well-being.

The Foundation works in organization together with various worldwide establishments, establishments, and socio-municipal gatherings to quicken the force, scale and maintainability of progress. In basic circumstances, the Foundation goes about as an impetus between liberal accomplices and the underprivileged.

The foundation mainly works with many reputed organizations some of which are: Bangkok school for blinds-Thailand,  Sri foundation-India, United Nations world food program, Hong Kong anti-cancer society and many more. 

2007: The organization declared an underlying sponsorship of group ‘Meritus‘, a Malaysian motor racing team and turned into a patron for the republic heads of government meeting business gathering 2007.

2009-2012: Qnet was an official sponsor, who did a lot to promote the Asian football confederation during the AFC champion’s league.

2013: Qnet on this year made Russians fan happy when the organization sponsored Marussia F1 Race.

2013: Sponsored Indian Davis Cup team for the world group quarterfinals which was played from 5-7th April 2013.

2014: Qnet began a three-year partnership with Manchester city football club to wind up the club’s authentic direct offering accomplice.


2016: Currently the Qnet was sponsoring the 4th men’s Qnet Asian champions’ trophy  which was running between 20th – 30th October 2016, at ‘KUANTAN’ (Malaysia).Yesterday on Diwali (The festival of lights) India had won the trophy by defeating Pakistan by 3-2.


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